About Us

Since we began 925 Treats in 2008, we have worked tirelessly, to create collections of brands and products that our customers love as much as we do. We continue to be incredibly grateful to all of you who choose to shop with us which has allowed us to create the stores that we have. We continue to stock a huge range of brands from Nomination Charms, Joma Jewellery, Clogau Gold, Qudo, Shreiking Violet, Jellycat, Rachel Ellen, Claire Giles, Max Rocks, Ewemoo footstools to name but a few. Fast forward to 2023 and we now have 3 retails stores across Carmarthenshire serving over 115,000 customers in 2022. 

Covid was a challenging time for everyone but we used the 'down time' to try and think of new ideas to bring to our stores once we were allowed to re-open. 2020 was when we began to manufacture more of our own goods. 

As many of you are aware, there are some great Welsh independent stores, and we truly believe our ranges are equally as great. Although we don't just design and manufacture Welsh goods, being a first language Welsh speaking family, it is important to us that we create modern and current designs that we ourselves would want to buy. These items are designed and made all in house by our amazing team who use the latest technology to bring these items to life. 

Since 2020 we have continued to grow our offerings to our customers and now supply over 1,500 of our own made items in our stores, all of which have proven to be huge hits. All of our items are designed and made in our warehouse in Ammanford, South Wales.