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Horoscope Guide and Gift Ideas

If you are an avid reader of your daily horoscope or know someone that is, then you are probably well aware of your star sign and the zodiac system. In astrology, it is said that the signs relate to human activity and that each of us is represented by a different sign depending on when we were born. The concept originated in Babylonia over 2000 years ago and at the time, was considered to be science. Although today we know that astrology is different to astronomy, many still believe that... Read More


How To Reuse Your Candle Jars

If you are a fan of candles, then you will know that many of them come in pretty jars or decorative holders. But once your candle has burned out, what do you do with the jar? If your love of candles has left you with a load of empty candle jars, rather than throwing them away, why not reuse them? There are plenty of other uses for those old candle jars and the shabby chic look of an old jar is bang on trend at the moment. So why not... Read More


925 Treats Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is coming, which means it’s time to start thinking of those all important gifts. With so many people to buy for this time of year, it can be a struggle thinking of the perfect presents for friends and relatives. But at 925 Treats, we have an abundance of gift ideas for the ones you love. Whether you are searching for something special for mum, dad, brother, sister or friend, you will find a plethora of Christmas gift ideas on our store. Below are a few ideas from ourselves on... Read More


How To Look After Your Jewellery

Taking care of your jewellery helps to prolong the life of your pieces and allows them to look and feel as good as the day you bought them. Looking after your bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings is easy and our informative guide will show you exactly how to extend the longevity of your jewellery, allowing you to treasure your beloved pieces for years to come. Taking Care Whilst Wearing Your Jewellery – Even while wearing your jewellery, there are a few things to think of to help protect them from... Read More